The Programme and Our Mission

Dyfodol Ni is a funded Partnership of youth-focussed organisations and trusted professionals across Ceredigion. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund’s Mind Our Future Programme, Dyfodol Ni has come together to deliver joined-up, co-produced services, putting young people at the forefront to deliver mental health services and interventions for young people in the county. The programme will run until March 2028. 

The ethos at the heart of the Ceredigion Partnership will be to listen to young people. We will provide opportunities for them to express themselves, to shape the direction of the programme, and co-produce future activities to improve the resilience and mental health of young people across Ceredigion as a whole. Therefore, through youth engagement and consultation, the Dyfodol Ni programme will work with young people to tackle the barriers that they are facing head on.

Having concluded the development period in August 2023, the programme will now work to roll out the successful delivery of its plan to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the young people of Ceredigion, led at every stage by the young people themselves.

YPMC Illustration - Dyfodol Ni

The Dyfodol Ni Partnership Pledge was created by young people in order to set the agreement of Partner organisations in maintaining the youth led focus of the Partnership's activities.

Organisations agree to ensure the following:


Youth led

Young people’s voices are central to the service offered to them. They can use their preferred service to build independence and trust in youth-led services, encouraging engagement and enthusiasm in what we do. Services respond to the needs of local young people, as defined by them, offering accessible support wherever possible, with targeted support for those considered more at-risk, disadvantaged or with higher needs.


Inclusivity, equality and diversity

Young people feel welcomed and included in their local area and can access the support they decide they need as they head towards adulthood. They should not feel isolated or different because of preferred language, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, nationality, socio-economic status, special educational needs, mental health issues, religion or any other characteristic. The local youth services should help to improve life circumstances for young people from all backgrounds by offering support to develop the skills, knowledge and networks they need to access and take advantage of opportunities.



The needs and wishes of local young people are considered as much as any other community group. They should feel heard, valued and respected. Local youth are actively encouraged to participate in their communities and enjoy opportunities in their area without worrying about judgement or negative stereotyping.


Quality, safety and well-being

Good quality, open access services are delivered by staff with safeguarding training who have links to further support if needed. Our services help to keep young people safe and supports their mental, emotional and physical health, improves their social and economic wellbeing, and makes sure they can access education, non-formal learning and activities of their choice.



Services empower young people to progress and engage in employment, education and training, and to take an active role in their local communities. Young people are listened to and can make positive changes to their communities, and understand how to engage with choice making.



Services are focused on bringing out the best in each individual, helping them to develop their skills and attributes, rather than attempting to ‘fix a problem’.



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